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Updated: Nov 26

Greetings, you! Kept you waiting, huh?

First before talking about my project, I must apologize for another long wait that I did not want to happen but had to happen anyway. It’s not a decision by me, as we all know RL is not something we can control. My computer had the great idea of damaging itself up that I had to send it to repairs. Luckily nothing permanently bad happened, so you can all breathe well, even when I’m aware that I showed little about my project.

Happens to the best of us

By the way, something important that had to be pointed out in a single smaller paragraph: if you visit this site and you happen to read the lines that happened to read “Something isn’t working, please refresh again” that means the site is bugged, if that happens let me know via email that is 48Tentacles AT protonmail DOT com with a screenshot (via attachment, not uploaded in any server, because for some reason webpages dedicated to upload and share images have too many requirements for cookies to infiltrate your computer)

After setting things up and getting ready to advance in my project, RL decided to annoy me once more with the following phrase I swore not to hear in a very long time:

“You still have this thing to do...”

Since the RL events became relaxed enough to let me continue doing what I love- Well, that’s what happens every time you think you are in a good way as you planned. Something else happens.

Okay, let’s not sing the funny game over theme that we all know about. I’m not as free as a bird as I’d like to be. In what these should be the most extraordinaire two months of my life instantly became the most annoying two months and one day of my life, with that number being increased I might add. The silver lining side of all of this is that at least I don’t have to sit in front of boring giant books anymore, I feel more comfortable reading manga or books in front of a screen which brightness I can fully customize to avoid burning my eyes. And tutorials in video teach much, much better than a boring book approved by a committee formed by faceless corpos who desire constant witch hunts looking for stories only to get more funding or sales of their books.

And everyone wonders why the educational system is failing, but enough ranting. You could probably imagine my face of disappointment when I learned that my RL situation was not over yet. Fine. As long as I don’t have to read the giant stupid books anymore, it’s probably gonna be more tolerable than before, just let me be a multi-tasking creature with tentacles in front of my computer, please. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

Now about my project.

I managed to do some things. A few things that will definitely help me in the long run, like a specific manual that I wrote for myself, with references that only I will understand in a simple way in a document file rather than watching a 50 minute video every time I am struggling with something tiny. A simple document file is always faster than a video, I tell you what.

However, a few of these things became a struggle. Don’t get me wrong, I believe I have enough resources and assets to do what I want to do with this, the problem was how to use these assets in particular in a proper way that doesn’t result this thing in a disaster. One of the first problems I encountered was, without being too specific, finding out that these assets were not labeled, or at least not labeled enough to be properly functional by applying those and that’s it. So I had to do the hardest thing a lazy man of culture could do: trial and error and label as much as I can and make them properly functional.

And that was exactly what I did. I labeled some parts of the assets, tested them, make the necessary corrections, and repeat until everything was cool with one set of assets. Now I have to repeat the same process for more sets. Dear music player, in moments like these is why I love you that much.

Onto a more positive light, I can finally show something that will appear in the project. Or at least I can show something that it’s going to be close to what I have in mind, because keep in mind it’s a work in progress, and I already dedicated an entry about this. I know it’s not much after all this waiting, but at least I prefer to show something.


I know the black bars with the screen size seem unfitting with each other, but that is something I can fix and prevent in the future. On the positive side, this allows me to get feedback with some partners. Matter of fact right now, I’m considering in increasing the text size because it’s smaller in comparison with the regular visual novel you read around.

Things are advancing better than I expected, plus I only needed to do this labeling thing at least once as long as everything’s going to plan. Now it’s time to think in long-term mode. There is no guarantee that RL is considering stopping plotting continually against me, the words “I better get going as soon as possible” from now on will become more relevant than any other set of words or phrases I’ve said in the past.

There are several steps of my plan, the problem is that it’s barely a concept, meaning that I have some things written, but not everything. I need to solidify my plan as fast as possible, and schedules can greatly help. There are too many complications to solve at the same time so for now I’ll do step by step and take care of the current issue that I’m getting used to: labeling the assets. The good news is that I finished with a few sets, precisely the ones that I needed to do to make the first scenes and maps. The bad news is that I don’t know when all the sets are gonna be finished.

I better get going as soon as possible.

Until next time!


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Updated: Nov 22

Greetings, everyone!

Things have changed a lot for me between the previous entry and this one. What happened to me and how things have been progressing with my project?

As for me, unless my tentacles do something about it, I have an expiration date. Once more, leaving interpretations under your discretion. I'm here to talk about my project, not sharing my personal life.

As for my project, some aspects have advanced forward, like the script. I might not have had time for drawing but I had written the story more, made revisions, improved the dialogue in various characters... Things that I've had missed when I've written them the first time. Sadly, I wish I've done something more than writing... but you know what happens when RL stands in your way.

I don't have much more to say, except I hope to do things better overall. I hope I provide more than drawings one day. I hope I provide some provocative thoughts about entertainment like I did in previous entries. And surely I hope to draw a better Rem with better drawn clothing.

Until next time!


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Updated: Nov 22

This will be short.

There are recent IRL events that I'm not in liberty to speak that happened to me, and it came to a point where I'm not in a good enough position to continue with the development of my project. Spoiler alert and disclosure alert, I did not consent.

I'll leave the interpretations under your discretion.

On a more positive side, this dark tunnel has a light, and hopefully is not the light of an upcoming train. So I will resume to normal operations in the middle of September of this year 2021.

Please, take note of this date. If this date arrives and I'm not giving signs of life here, well... Let's just hope that there is daylight instead a train, shall we?

To end this entry with positive vibes, I've made a quick drawing of Red Girl for you, I hope you like it. And there's a hopeful message not made by me, but by someone else from a very popular game around in a compilation.

We all go through periods of darkness. Of course, in a world filled with misery and uncertainty it is a great comfort to know that in the end, there is light in the darkness.

Until next time!


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