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Greetings, you! In previous entries you've seen the girls that are gonna carry the story here. Of course, three of four girls state that they're not happy with their guns because according to them "they seem too generic". And they are right.

Because after all, what's a good girl without a good weapon? Let's go for it!

A pistol with four cannons, huh?

Let's start with Blue Girl, shall we? This semi-automatic pistol with 4 cannons and two digital screens allows her to select and change between various firing modes in order to be prepared against any type of enemy that is strong against one certain type of damage. The pistol also contains healing shots but they are limited so if the ammo is out she can reload the gun with her left metallic hand to its magazine slot to fill it with energy with a quick charge. No need to replace any magazine!

Keep in mind that there are various types of reloads, so one charge won't be enough to reload all types of firing modes.

A simple sniper rifle? wot?

Yellow Girl's weapon is a sniper rifle like any other... wait, like any other? No! This semi-automatic rifle is based on energy so it shoots lasers, it also shoots super-charged lasers if the trigger is being hold for a not-determined amount of time. The recoil will be violent that way, but thanks to a very great sniper like Yellow Girl she can handle it! The forestock that she holds, which is a special module, has microscopic molecular connectors for users with metallic arms to instantly charge the weapon if strong lasers are used.

Something similar to Blue Girl's left hand, you might say. But Yellow Girl can be a bright girl for... improvising combat, let's just say!

Elf Girl has a... a spear?

Elf Girl's weapon of choice is a spear with a small yet useful control panel that allows her to choose between different modes for various strategies while fighting the baddies. As the big sister of the group, her spear will be useful for helping her teammates. The control panel adjusts the spearhead for various modes such as shooting energy to her teammates to create temporary shields for them, shoot freezing energy to enemies... and lastly, to use it as a melee weapon.

As you can see, all these weapons, including Red Girl's, have one thing in common. They all use energy. So where is this energy coming from? Does it come from the girls if the weapons need to be recharged? I guess that's a story for another time!

Until next time!


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Before I get tempted to make jokes of a certain game with a number "3" on it, I have to show you something, that is the character sheet of the latest girl: Elf Girl!

Elf Girl has new clothing!

As you can see, her clothes have been changed into something more complete without sacrificing the fan-service nature of my work. Elf Girl has a personality more of a big sister who takes care of everyone else, so she's protective and discipline. Her military pose and her jacket can reflect her discipline trait more than just having the "let's go to the gym" outfit.

For now there are no future plans for entries since my hectic schedule continues to make my life happier. I may post fanart next.

Until next time!


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I've had a particularly busy month IRL. In summary I was involved in a series of events which prompted others building extremely high expectations from me with this event. I'm not exaggerating. However, in the end everything went well, but these high expectations were ending being a lie.

In other words, I got some of the free time available.

Alright, after going trial and error for some time now I finally designed the fourth character, another girl! Like always, everything is subject to change, like her weapon, that design is not definitive.

Blue Girl- No, Elf Girl

She is blue so I can't use the Blue Girl nickname, so... Elf Girl sounds better! She is armed with a special spear, that allows her to help her teammates with defensive features and resist damage from the enemies by her self.

Right now I don't have a character sheet prepared, so that's what it's gonna be for the next entry.

I'm sorry to say that this is a pretty smaller entry. I wish all of you are okay and keep taking care of yourselves.

Until next time!


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