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Delayed once more. I don't like this combination of words but I rather tell this truth than lie to your faces. Don't worry, nothing is being cancelled.

On the positive side of things, I have a character sheet ready for you, about Yellow Girl, from last entry. Here you go!

Yellow Girl sheet

Unlike the other girls' sheets, this time I didn't draw or highlight any objects like her rifle or her scabbard, for a few reasons: One, I still don't have any definitive design for the rifle, and Two, because the scabbard is so simple to draw.

Now, hold tight, because you might now like the following.

From now on, updates will be very slow, because this week (or better yet, last Monday) I suddenly had some unforeseen event IRL. The event isn't necessarily negative, but it's still so time-consuming that I have to reassess my schedule because it's a long-term event. And at the same time I have to learn how to do specific things with my project, watching tutorials to see the do's and don't's, see examples... And it might take a while to develop a fourth girl character, because I have something in mind but I'm still in the process of making her outfit, her body shape, her personality and femininity... because I don't want to screw things up.

Yeah, various things at the same time are happening so I'm wondering if doing some fanart might help for me. I'd love to draw some characters from my favorite works that I have in mind, and I can practice.

Until next time!


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I sincerely dislike the rhythm that I'm going at this rate. I only have myself to blame, it's not even 5 entries and I'm already declaring being slow, that's funny.

But still that doesn't mean that I have no content to deliver today. So, here you go, another girl with a trait that is much different than the other girls!

Quite different, huh?

Meet Yellow Girl, equipped with a rifle which design is yet to be confirmed (so I had to make a generic one at the moment). She seems happy, so incredibly happy that she doesn't mind being happy while killing all the baddies like a psychopath. And because of this pose, sure she's very active... right?

That's all for the entry today. The reason I'm being slow is because I'm trying to learn many different things from different disciplines. The only times where I can learn these things is at night, where nobody else is bothering me. You cannot imagine the trouble I'm going for by trying to get something done. Or maybe you can, if you are a creative person.

Ah, great. Someone is already smoking and it's filling all the entire house. I need to go out.

Until next time!


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Ah, yes. The one word that shakes the world around. Art.

I'm not even going to waste your time. I promised to bring some art here and I'll do it right away. A little disclaimer, everything is subject to change in future entries.

How about this to start?

I remember reading some manga and watching some anime and I saw a few works in particular, works where I loved staring at the characters's chests- I mean, personalities for hours, so I wanted to recreate that in my style. I showed this hot bikini girl drawing to a few friends and they told me "go for it".

What did I do next? Another drawing.

First design of Red Girl

Who is Red Girl? Interesting question. She's the protagonist girl that is going to be featured in this web site every now and then. Her super powers? Nothing much, she's not a superhero, superheroes are so overdone these days. She has two energy sabers on her arms to attack and defend herself from the enemies.

This drawing in particular wasn't very appealing, so my friend told me a few pieces of feedback and I decided to redo the character.

Now this looks much better

Here Red Girl has a pose with determination, a stance of "be ready to fight", a slight redesign on a few small parts, her hair looks better... But, while the sabers look better, I still don't think if I should keep those. I don't know, I'll ask around, see what happens. On the green parts, they're supposed to glow in the dark, something that might come handy in a few scenes for that project.

What's better than a beautiful girl? Two beautiful girls.

Sexy, smart, caring

Enter Blue Girl. She's a lady space explorer so she's better equipped for exploration activities, but that doesn't mean she cannot defend herself. She carries a gun (of design to be changed) and a secret weapon, as well a pouch to pick her belongings and items to use them quickly.

But wait, there's more!

Red Girl sheet

There's a sheet! And another small redesign! The most obvious parts that changed you can see them for yourself but in her left shoulder I decided to do a redesign because I wanted these signs of her shoulders to be hollows more than signs but still trying to keep each hollow different from others.

"Is this going to be a hentai?" Heck no. Just because it contains fan-service doesn't mean that there's an adult only work in the works.

Blue Girl sheet

Another redesign, but it's smaller than Red Girl's. Her pouch is in the other size, it's bigger and it looks more like a pouch than... something else. The pistol is still a design to be changed.

And I still don't know if I should make her chest bigger. Stay tuned, more to come!

Until next time!


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