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Entry #3 - Slow progress is slow

I sincerely dislike the rhythm that I'm going at this rate. I only have myself to blame, it's not even 5 entries and I'm already declaring being slow, that's funny.

But still that doesn't mean that I have no content to deliver today. So, here you go, another girl with a trait that is much different than the other girls!

Quite different, huh?

Meet Yellow Girl, equipped with a rifle which design is yet to be confirmed (so I had to make a generic one at the moment). She seems happy, so incredibly happy that she doesn't mind being happy while killing all the baddies like a psychopath. And because of this pose, sure she's very active... right?

That's all for the entry today. The reason I'm being slow is because I'm trying to learn many different things from different disciplines. The only times where I can learn these things is at night, where nobody else is bothering me. You cannot imagine the trouble I'm going for by trying to get something done. Or maybe you can, if you are a creative person.

Ah, great. Someone is already smoking and it's filling all the entire house. I need to go out.

Until next time!


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