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Entry #4 - The Delayed Character Sheet Episode 3

Delayed once more. I don't like this combination of words but I rather tell this truth than lie to your faces. Don't worry, nothing is being cancelled.

On the positive side of things, I have a character sheet ready for you, about Yellow Girl, from last entry. Here you go!

Yellow Girl sheet

Unlike the other girls' sheets, this time I didn't draw or highlight any objects like her rifle or her scabbard, for a few reasons: One, I still don't have any definitive design for the rifle, and Two, because the scabbard is so simple to draw.

Now, hold tight, because you might now like the following.

From now on, updates will be very slow, because this week (or better yet, last Monday) I suddenly had some unforeseen event IRL. The event isn't necessarily negative, but it's still so time-consuming that I have to reassess my schedule because it's a long-term event. And at the same time I have to learn how to do specific things with my project, watching tutorials to see the do's and don't's, see examples... And it might take a while to develop a fourth girl character, because I have something in mind but I'm still in the process of making her outfit, her body shape, her personality and femininity... because I don't want to screw things up.

Yeah, various things at the same time are happening so I'm wondering if doing some fanart might help for me. I'd love to draw some characters from my favorite works that I have in mind, and I can practice.

Until next time!


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