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Entry #6 - Fourth character here!

I've had a particularly busy month IRL. In summary I was involved in a series of events which prompted others building extremely high expectations from me with this event. I'm not exaggerating. However, in the end everything went well, but these high expectations were ending being a lie.

In other words, I got some of the free time available.

Alright, after going trial and error for some time now I finally designed the fourth character, another girl! Like always, everything is subject to change, like her weapon, that design is not definitive.

Blue Girl- No, Elf Girl

She is blue so I can't use the Blue Girl nickname, so... Elf Girl sounds better! She is armed with a special spear, that allows her to help her teammates with defensive features and resist damage from the enemies by her self.

Right now I don't have a character sheet prepared, so that's what it's gonna be for the next entry.

I'm sorry to say that this is a pretty smaller entry. I wish all of you are okay and keep taking care of yourselves.

Until next time!


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